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Weekly Twitter Q&A : Jan 21st.

Here's the full transcript from this week's Twitter Q&A If you have a question you would like answered, we do a Q&A every single Friday on Twitter. Follow @RevProUK for more!

What are the running times for York Hall next Sat pls?

  • Doors 3.30pm l Bell Time 4.30pm l End approx 8- 8.30pm

Surprised that doors are 3.30 at York Hall.Normally they struggle to get everybody in with an opening time of 90 minutes before a show starts.

  • This is always under review but we don't feel the extra half hour is necessary at the moment given the pattern of the last two shows and the time of arrivals.

Will you be bringing back the GRLZ volume shows? If so when? #AskRevPro

  • The plan is to concentrate on quality over quantity & try & develop a stronger women's division across standard cards. We've had a lot of bad luck with injuries, last minute pull outs, featured performers no longer being available etc. but we're still determined to make it happen.

If you could, what wrestler would you give a Meat Loaf song as entrance music, and what song would it be?

  • Well the obvious choice has to be Bat Out of Hell, struggling to think of someone off hand with the energy and emotional range to pull it off haha so let's start by putting an injury comeback (the ultimate wrestling love story) montage together to 'It's All Coming Back To Me'

Can we expect any debuts this year in Rev pro in all divisions

  • We are always looking to bring in new, fresh and exciting talent! Of course it's not limited to our Portsmouth School of Wrestling but for example this past Sunday we debuted Cameron Khai and Samuel Hawkes who at just 16 & 18 years of age have huge futures ahead.

Why is @TheOJMO not defending his title next Saturday? Is it because you're blatantly biased towards him and want to give him every possible chance to have the longest title reign in Rev Pro history? - Gideon Grey

  • No questions over the main event. I know it's something you personally don't enjoy but we felt it appropriate that both men go in on an even playing field. If victorious he'll have a decision to make in regards to vacating the Cruiserweight Championship or trying to defend both.

Can I make and bring a sign in support of @TheOJMO for his match against @WillOspreay ?

  • Of Course! But keep it clean!

If you missed out on your chance to have your question answered then make sure to follow us on Twitter and turn on notifications to never miss a Q&A!

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