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Weekly Twitter Q&A : Jan 28th.

Here's the full transcript from this week's Twitter Q&A If you have a question you would like answered, we do a Q&A every single Friday on Twitter. Follow @RevProUK for more!

While this card has formed nicely ahead of time, do you feel you could do better at getting full talent lists/cards out for smaller shows further ahead of time? #AskRevPro

It's a bit of a catch 22 situation. We'd love to & understand why people want to know the cards further in advance. But on the other hand we have our core roster we use so you know what to expect in that regard & we hope that by now you know we're always going to deliver bangers

It's also a lot harder to announce cards now we are more story focused with less inconsequential 'showcase' matches. For example majority of next weeks card at 229 depends on results of tomorrow & by default same goes for Southampton the week after...

We'd like to hope that 29 shows in from our return we've earned everyones trust in delivering dynamic and exciting cards. We feel since returning before fans we have been very consistent and really want to develop a reputation of all our shows being can't miss.

With other companies setting out their statement of intent of events is there a plan to release dates for events for the year / first half of the year?

Yes. Plans to confirm more events stalled a little when the start of this year seemed so uncertain but we are back at it now & you will start seeing more events being announced over the coming days.

Are we going to get the usual hype video for this show to catch us up with stuff beforehand? #AskRevPro

Yes the road to High Stakes video will be up later today & played before the show!

Can we expect any surprises tomorrow?

If you expect surprises are they really surprises?

Do you still need to have your ticks physically printed off or can you just use your phone?

No, tickets can be presented on phones!

Will we see Mr Strickland on any shows?

We have nothing confirmed as of right now, but would absolutely love to work with him again.

What do you believe is the biggest match Rev Pro ever put on and why is it Angle Vs Sabre?

From a speed of ticket selling, global interest and a 'this will probably never happen' but it did standpoint Vader Vs Ospreay

When will the card for the Manchester show be announced?

Maybe a name or 2 soon, but there's still a lot of wrestling to be done between now and July 23rd

Anyone who purchases for the next week though will be rewarded with cheaper tickets, so get on it and trust us it's going to be great a sizzler or should we say SUMMER SIZZLER!

Will any of the wrestlers be about to meet at the merch table?

No. Our aim is for organised meet and greets to return from March onward.

Will we ever see rockstar Spud come back to York hall ??

He's an asset to anyone he works for or with. So hopefully one day.

Will I need anything besides my ticket to enter York Hall?

A great sense of enthusiasm and your vocal chords ready

Could we get a potential RevPro partnership with any of the big companies in America (WWE, AEW) or maybe even an NXT UK?

Who knows. We're always open for good business that benefits both parties.

Can wrestlers be at merch if they want too? Or are you still understandably on the side of caution?

We're hoping to bring them back in March but will be much more formal & organised couple of wrestlers at a time rather than the free for all of days gone by.

Any plans for a Roadmender return?

None at the moment, though we did really enjoy it there so maybe in the future!

Will it be four hours so people can see all the matches in the build up in full? #AskRevPro

No, it will be a digestible, bitesize look at the events leading up to tomorrow, which will get everyone up to speed, maybe sell a couple of last minute tickets & hopefully entice people to sign up to to check out the full goings on!

Any more RevPro athletic clothing in the pipeline? I like to represent the absolute best British Wrestling promotion whilst lifting enormous weights and peacocking my vascular physique at my local gymnasium.

Maybe in the summer!

@RevProUK would you ever work with my local company @ProWrestleEAST !?

Well it depends in what respect! As we've said multiple times we will work with anyone if it's beneficial for both parties.

When is the next time we can see Gideon get battered ?

The next time he wrestles.


By the end of next week regular updates will resume.

Are you selling some of those on-offer Mox shirts at the show tomorrow?

No, it's online exclusive.

Unlikely but any plan for a Mania week show this year in Dallas (or any UK promotion)?

Sadly not, our focus right now is on the UK where we shall be running a show that weekend!

If you missed out on your chance to have your question answered then make sure to follow us on Twitter and turn on notifications to never miss a Q&A!

Don’t forget tomorrow we are back inside York Hall, Bethnal Green for High Stakes 2022!

Full card pictured below! Get your tickets HERE!

For a full preview High Stakes, check out the video below where Andy Quildan and Stephanie Chase run down the card!

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