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Who is The Legionnaire?

Since the formation of the Legion, they have become a dominant force in Revolution Pro. With Rampage Brown and The 'Dominator' Great O-Kharn sweeping through the tag team division to claim the then, vacated Undisputed British Tag Team Championships, Lord Gideon Grey almost always being a vocal presence at ringside and a rejuvenated Sha Samuels being a physical and dominant presence in both tag team and singles action.

However, there is a fifth member of the dominant faction that the Legion is yet to reveal to the fans of Revolution Pro. The Legionnaire.

Many fans, wrestlers and management alike have theorized who the Legionnaire is. One possibility is that it could be one of the contenders, as their way of stepping up into the main roster by siding with the Legion.

Another name that has been thrown around is the 'Anarchist' James Castle who has not been seen in Revolution Pro for at least six months. Castle has shown previously he can work well in a team competing as the 'Revolutionists' with Sha Samuels and later becoming undisputed Tag Team Champions. Could his previous partnership and winning experience with Sha be the reason he joined the Legion as the Legionnaire?

Another member of Sha's past that could join him in the fray as the Legionnaire is fellow former 'Revolutionist' Marty Scurll! Could the Villain be the Legionnaire?

Could it be a completely new face who we haven't seen in Revolution Pro before.

Lord Gideon Grey has promised to reveal who the Legionnaire is to fans and management alike as the Legionnaire faces Sean Kustom for the Southside Heavyweight Championship at the New Years Revolution at the G-Live in Guildford on Friday, January 10th.

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